Go Programming by Example (Golang)

Go Programming by Example (Golang)

What you will study

  • This sensible course will allow you to construct dependable, and environment friendly software program, delivering fundamental to superior ideas utilizing Go
  • You’ll study management constructions, arrays, slices, maps, and capabilities
  • You’ll study pointers, structs, and interfaces
  • You’ll study concurrency & parallelism, goroutines, channels, and reflections
  • You’ll study packages, documentation, unit testing, error dealing with, json, reflections
  • You’ll study to put in the Go compiler, Visible Studio Code, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • You will notice a tour of SQL and likewise study to attach Go to MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • You’ll work on a ultimate project



  • A Home windows or Mac Pc
  • Some expertise with a programming language


Go that is known as a ‘C for the 21st century’ was designed in 2007 to deal with among the business issues.

In the present day, many well-known firms like Google, Adobe, Fb, IBM, and lots of extra use Go.

They use Go, due to its easy method to implement complicated ideas.

This sensible course will allow you to construct easy, dependable, and environment friendly software program, delivering fundamental to superior ideas utilizing Go.


The course is over 23 hours, together with 160+ lectures, over 163 code examples, chapter assignments and a ultimate project.

Emphasis has been positioned on reviewing code examples, diagrams and white boarding.

The course progressively strikes from fundamental to superior subjects and finally ends with a ultimate project.

In 16 sections, it covers subjects similar to language fundamentals, management constructions, arrays, slices, maps, capabilities, callbacks, closures, pointers, structs, interfaces, concurrency & parallelism, goroutines, channels, packages, documentation, error dealing with, unit testing, json, recordsdata, reflections, MySQL, and should extra.

UDEMY : –  https://www.udemy.com/go-programming-by-example/

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