Python for Computer Vision with OpenCV and Deep Learning

Python for Computer Vision with OpenCV and Deep Learning

What you will be taught

  • Perceive fundamentals of NumPy
  • Manipulate and open Photos with NumPy
  • Use OpenCV to work with picture recordsdata
  • Use Python and OpenCV to attract shapes on photos and movies
  • Carry out picture manipulation with OpenCV, together with smoothing, blurring, thresholding, and morphological operations.
  • Create Coloration Histograms with OpenCV
  • Open and Stream video with Python and OpenCV
  • Detect Objects, together with nook, edge, and grid detection strategies with OpenCV and Python
  • Create Face Detection Software program
  • Section Photos with the Watershed Algorithm
  • Observe Objects in Video
  • Use Python and Deep Studying to construct picture classifiers
  • Work with Tensorflow, Keras, and Python to coach by yourself customized photos.


  • Should have clear understanding of Python Fundamentals
  • Home windows 10 or MacOS or Ubuntu
  • Should have Set up Permissions on Pc
  • WebCam if you wish to be taught the video streaming content material


Welcome to the last word on-line course on Python for Pc Imaginative and prescient!

This course is your finest useful resource for studying find out how to use the Python programming language for Pc Imaginative and prescient.

We’ll be exploring find out how to use Python and the OpenCV (Open Pc Imaginative and prescient) library to research photos and video knowledge.

The most well-liked platforms on the earth are producing by no means earlier than seen quantities of picture and video knowledge. Each 60 seconds customers add greater than 300 hours of video to Youtube, Netflix subscribers stream over 80,000 hours of video, and Instagram customers like over 2 million images! Now greater than ever its needed for builders to realize the mandatory expertise to work with picture and video knowledge utilizing laptop imaginative and prescient.

Pc imaginative and prescient permits us to research and leverage picture and video knowledge, with functions in a wide range of industries, together with self-driving automobiles, social community apps, medical diagnostics, and lots of extra.

Because the quickest rising language in recognition, Python is nicely suited to leverage the ability of present laptop imaginative and prescient libraries to be taught from all this picture and video knowledge.

On this course we’ll educate you every thing you should know to develop into an professional in laptop imaginative and prescient! This $20 billion greenback business will probably be one of the crucial essential job markets within the years to come back.

We’ll begin the course by studying about numerical processing with the NumPy library and find out how to open and manipulate photos with NumPy. Then will transfer on to utilizing the OpenCV library to open and work with picture fundamentals. Then we’ll begin to perceive find out how to course of photos and apply a wide range of results, together with colour mappings, mixing, thresholds, gradients, and extra.

Then we’ll transfer on to understanding video fundamentals with OpenCV, together with working with streaming video from a webcam.  Afterwards we’ll study direct video matters, akin to optical circulation and object detection. Together with face detection and object monitoring.

Then we’ll transfer on to a whole part of the course dedicated to the most recent deep studying matters, together with picture recognition and customized picture classifications. We’ll even cowl the most recent deep studying networks, together with the YOLO (you solely look as soon as) deep studying community.

This course covers all this and extra, together with the next matters:

  • NumPy
  • Photos with NumPy
  • Picture and Video Fundamentals with NumPy
  • Coloration Mappings
  • Mixing and Pasting Photos
  • Picture Thresholding
  • Blurring and Smoothing
  • Morphological Operators
  • Gradients
  • Histograms
  • Streaming video with OpenCV
  • Object Detection
  • Template Matching
  • Nook, Edge, and Grid Detection
  • Contour Detection
  • Function Matching
  • WaterShed Algorithm
  • Face Detection
  • Object Monitoring
  • Optical Circulate
  • Deep Studying with Keras
  • Keras and Convolutional Networks
  • Custom-made Deep Studying Networks
  • State of the Artwork YOLO Networks
  • and way more!

UDACITY: –  https://www.udemy.com/python-for-computer-vision-with-opencv-and-deep-learning/

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