React Hooks Video Player (2019)

React Hooks Video Player (2019)


There’s many great React.js courses out there but they’re very huge and A LOT to grasp for beginners. My teaching style and belief is that you learn more by creating many smaller projects than one overwhelming 25 + hours course that tries to show you everything and don’t focus on the fundamentals that much. So this is a 3 hour(ish) course where You’ll learn how to create a Movie App from scratch based on The Movie DB API.

This is a “code along” style course that is quite fast paced. It will not go deep into hooks and styled components but will provide the basics. Therefore a great way to get started on React Hooks. 

What will we do in the course?

We’ll build a React Video Player where you can create a list of videos and select from the list. The Video Player can play both Vimeo and YouTube videos and will also persist state in local storage of played videos etc.

My main goal with this course is to mix fun with teaching. There’s many tutorials and courses out there that are great but too complex and focus on a lot at the same time. Hope you enjoy this course as I did creating it.


In this course you’ll learn:

– React Fundamentals with newly announced Hooks

– Stateless Functional Components

– JSX syntax and expressions

– Styled Components ( briefly )

– Higher Order Components (HOC)

– React Router

– Use Create-React-App

– Deploy the finished App

– ES6+ concepts and syntax

– Use Local Storage to keep state


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