The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language


This course will educate you the basics of Rust, a contemporary programming language that has the each the facility of native code in addition to the protection of some managed languages. On this course you’ll be taught the next:

  • Methods to obtain and set up Rust; how you can compile packages and (optionally) work with an IDE.
  • Study basic information varieties and how you can use them to declare variables.
  • Understand arrays, vectors and strings, the idea of slices.
  • Be taught to create features, strategies, closures, higher-order features.
  • Perceive how you can create varied information constructions corresponding to structs and enums; additionally traits.
  • Grasp Rust’s express tackle the idea of lifetime with possession, borrowing, lifetime specifiers, lifetime elision.
  • Learn to safely share information round your (probably multithreaded) software with Rc, Arc and Mutex.
  • Use Rust’s package deal management utilizing Cargo.
  • Study different helpful subjects: documentation, conditional compilation, testing.

This course, like all my different programs, might be supplemented with further lectures primarily based on members’ requests.

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