[Udacity] Become a Java Developer

Become a Java Developer

What You Will Learn

Learn back-end development with the Java programming language, one of the most popular programming languages in the world and one a majority of large enterprises rely on for their infrastructure.


To optimize your chances of success in the Java Developer Nanodegree program, we recommend intermediate knowledge of any programming language.

  • Java Basics

    Learn the fundamentals of Java while being introduced to a Spring Boot framework and associated integrations and plugins.

  • Web Services and APIs

    Explore the differences between web services, APIs, and microservices. Develop REST and GraphQL APIs, and learn how to secure, consume, document, and test those APIs and web services.

  • Data Stores & Persistence

    Learn about different data stores and how to build persistence for Java applications. Work with relational and non-relational databases, and use Java to read/write and build test cases for MySQL and MongoDB.

  • Security and DevOps

    Learn about Git, version control, and best practices for authorization and authentication. Use Jenkins to build a CI/CD pipeline to deploy code to production.


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Learn the de-facto language for building enterprise-scale applications
On average, successful students take 4 months to complete this Nanodegree program.

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